A New Token For A New Economy

The IOTA Foundation created the IOTA token to solve a real-world challenge: How do you allow humans and devices to exchange data and services in a future economy?

Fair Distribution

With this bold vision, it was important for the IOTA token to be created fairly. There were no locked tokens, no early corporate investors, and no tokens were awarded to founders.

Reasonable Funding

Roughly $500,000 was raised from a crowdfund in 2015. To ensure the sustainability of the project, 5% of tokens were donated by the community to support the Foundation.

A Non-Profit Foundation

The IOTA Foundation is a non-profit organization. This gives the IOTA token more trust and value. It ensures we can achieve our vision of creating an open-source, standardized protocol for the world to use.

Designed For The Long Haul

The IOTA token is a powerful digital asset. There are no miners nor stakers. This means value and data can be transacted without any fees, enabling a variety of use cases no other digital asset can.


Exchange & Financial Service partners

The products and services allowing users and enterprises to own and exchange the IOTA Token.