Healthcare is built on data.

IOTA secures the integrity of data, making it the basis of trustable decision support systems.


Trust And Security

With IOTA technology, eHealth data is secure and trusted thanks to the immutability of the Tangle.


Privacy and Control

IOTA applications such as Digital Identity, Access and Streams, allow patients to take back control over who can access their data.

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About eHealth

Data is the foundational building block of healthcare. Digital healthcare records have already improved information sharing, care coordination and research. But the volume of healthcare data is increasing at an exponential rate, from an increasing number of sources, both inside and outside traditional healthcare environments. Securing this data and maintaining privacy is a growing problem.

Unlike paper records, digital records can easily be copied or changed. Through cryptography, IOTA technology secures this data on the Tangle and puts control of personal data back in the hands of the patient, making it the basis of trustable decision support systems.

Uses With IOTA

Remote Patient Monitoring

Health sensors provide great insight into a patient's health between clinic visits. This data can be analyzed as it is created, leading to faster and more accurate analysis without recall bias. But securing and actioning these data streams remains problematic.

Together with modern healthcare interoperability standards, IOTA Streams can secure these streams of health sensor data and help integrate them into traditional healthcare records. The distributed nature of the protocol also allows for new types of patient-controlled personal health records.

Healthcare Data Exchange

To receive the best medical treatment, patients may need to consult with many healthcare providers, which may all have their own siloed healthcare records. These records are often difficult to share securely, which limits the coordination of care among providers.

IOTA Streams allow seamless sharing of data with guarantees of data integrity.

Research Data Integrity

Clinical research is reliant on the integrity of data collection. The IOTA Tangle is an immutable record to prove the integrity of research data. The scalability and feeless structure of IOTA means that granular real-world data can be recorded as it is produced, rather than on episodic case report forms.

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