Redesigning Trust In Supply Chains

Today's trade is complex and costly, still based on paper documents, siloed data and inefficient coordination.

At every point in the supply chain data must be verified before goods exchange custody. By leveraging IOTA's tamper-proof distributed ledger, trust can be established between actors and data integrity can be guaranteed.

The result is better, faster and more cost-efficient trade.

How IOTA's Tangle will impact the future of the Supply Chain

See the journey of a coffee bean from crop to cup and learn how IOTA will revolutionise the entire process.

Latest News And Blog Posts

Future Farm

Try the demo. Cultivate a field and harvest a cut to produce a set of round bales. Learn how different parties can track the inputs that go into producing a glass of milk.

The Provenance of a T-shirt

A collaboration with EVRYTHING and Avery Dennision allowing you to track the provenance and authenticity of clothing.

Applying IOTA in Global Trade and Supply Chains: Mission Possible

Trade facilitation, track & trace, provenance… There are many opportunities to apply Distributed Ledger Technology to international trade.

Business applications

Digital Twins

Whether a box of flowers, a t-shirt, a pallet, or a car, items can be uniquely represented on the Tangle with a "digital twin". Digital twins connect producers, suppliers and consumers in a seamless digital ecosystem, allowing better information sharing and more effective collaboration.

Track & Trace

IOTA makes it is possible for different actors along the supply chain to have different access privileges to shipping documents.

Customs & Border Management

IOTA has partnered with institutions in East Africa to build a unique public data pipeline for border agencies and traders to share data. The project shows how confidential information can be shared securely and improve cross-border trade.

Latest News And Blog Posts