Secure Your IOTA With Firefly

Firefly is IOTA's official wallet. It provides a user-friendly and secure way to manage your IOTA tokens.

Firefly is currently available on Mac, Windows & Linux.

Secure IOTA - Secure IOTA with Firefly Wallet

Third-Party Hardware

Coming soon

Secure IOTA - Thrid-Party Hardware

About Wallets and Seeds

Your IOTA seed is the master key to your funds. It is 81 characters long, using only letters A-Z or the number 9. You can use it to access your funds from any wallet, on any device.

Warning: You must securely back up your seed. There is no way to return your IOTA if your seed is lost or compromised.

Things To Remember

Before buying IOTA it is important to take the time to understand how to protect your funds.

You are your own bank

Owning IOTA means you become your own bank. You are responsible for protecting your tokens.

The secret is secrecy

As is the case with all digital assets, the owner must ensure they keep their seed safe and backed up.

Possession is ownership

If the seed is lost or compromised, there is no recourse. The IOTA Foundation cannot recover lost tokens or seeds.

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