We foster open collaboration & permissionless innovation.

We have built an ecosystem that promotes open collaboration. We want people around the world to work together, solve problems and innovate with IOTA.

We build together

We are a global team of talented and passionate individuals with different backgrounds and beliefs. We listen to and empower each other.

We value ideas over hierarchy

We provide an environment in which anyone can contribute and make an impact. We encourage people to voice their ideas in open discussions.

We build inclusive technologies that better society

Our technology has the ability to improve lives, empower people and transform industry. We carefully evaluate the impact that our actions have on society and the environment.

We accept failure and learn from it

We enjoy solving complex problems and this often means navigating the unknown. We learn from both our successes and our failures, and take ownership over our work.

We are trusted

We emphasise open and transparent policies, practices and partnerships. We honor our commitments to partners, our ecosystem and one another.


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