Regulation Affairs - The Legal System is Evolving

Technology is evolving and the legal system must adapt to tackle the regulatory challenges that come with it.

Creating Understanding & Re-Thinking Regulation

The IOTA Foundation has the expertise to work with governments and organizations on new laws and regulations.

Regulation Affairs - Creating Understanding & Re-Thinking Regulation

New and emerging technologies such as DLT mean that governments must develop new legal and regulatory approaches that encourage innovation while protecting the interests of the public.

DLT offers new tools for governments and policymakers to deliver public and government services. But, this technology also brings complex challenges around data protection, data privacy, and liability.

The IOTA Foundation is engaging with thought leaders from academia, civil society, business, and government to find solutions to these challenges. We advocate for sensible regulatory frameworks that support sustainable and responsible innovation.

Fostering Public Dialogue and Ensuring Compliance

Public Dialogue and Communication

Public dialogue helps the wider community to understand complex DLT-related issues.

To support this dialogue, the Regulatory Affairs Team delivers public lectures and engages in discussions on the legal and policy implications of DLT across different media

Download "Bridging the gap between technology and regulation with dialogue" here

Compliance with Laws and Regulation

Compliance ensures the legitimacy and widespread adoption of DLT. Our regulatory affairs team:

  • Tracks legal developments as they emerge, helping to maintain legal compliance.

  • Stays up-to-date on existing and future laws, preempting change, and staying ahead of the curve.

  • Publishes legal analyses and commentaries.

IOTA Becomes Founding Member of International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA)

INATBA is a European Commission hosted group convened to identify the right conditions for DLT to flourish.