Configurable For Your Business Needs

IOTA is flexible. It can be deployed in multiple settings and adapted to business requirements.

Discover how IOTA can be configured and deployed for your enterprise.


IOTA can be deployed as a data and payment layer in your technology stack.

Trust Layer

Data integrity and immutability are at the core of IOTA. As data cannot be tampered, the Tangle provides a single source of truth. Privacy of the data is configurable and access is managed by the data owner.

Payment Settlement Layer

The Tangle has a built-in payments layer. The IOTA token is used to transfer value from peer to peer or machine to machine. Feeless transactions enable new decentralized business models.

Data Access Control

IOTA Streams allows you to control who has access to data stored on the Tangle. Authorised users can subscribe to encrypted messaging channels, with many use cases from digital twins to secure messaging.


IOTA can be deployed through a secure permissionless network or as an entirely closed permissioned configuration.


The IOTA mainnet is a permissionless network. This network infrastructure is public, and anyone in the world is free to use it or contribute to it.


Private IOTA networks are open only to authorized parties. They are useful for restricted applications, or as a testbed before transitioning to the mainnet when production ready.


IOTA's flexibility makes interoperability with other distributed ledgers possible.

Hyperledger Bridge

Our Hyperledger bridge allows for direct integrations between Hyperledger Fabric and IOTA, to leverage both ledger's capabilities.

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