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Our focus

The IOTA Foundation unites people, open-source technology, and its partner network into a community that develops collaborative solutions for individuals, societies and the environment.

We democratize digital technologies by designing them to be inclusive, accessible, resource efficient, and privacy preserving. We develop in an open-source, transparent environment, where anybody can comment or participate.

The IOTA Foundation is set up as a non-profit to benefit users and wider society. As a public good our technology will always remain free to use.

Our commitment

The commitment to sustainable impact is embodied in our core technological development. The IOTA Tangle is designed to operate on low tech devices with minimal energy consumption. IOTA can also be implemented in isolated locations that have limited connectivity. In this way, our technology is available to a greater number of people - and with a much lower energy footprint compared to other DLTs.

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Our Approach

IOTA technologies are used to empower sustainable development and generate real-world impact. It aids in tackling challenges like climate change, human rights violations, and the problems of the global unbanked population.

collaborative ecosystems

Collaborative ecosystems

We work across sectors and bring together diverse expertise from civil society and industries, creating value for both.

Peer-to-peer cooperation

Peer-to-peer cooperation

We empower individuals to interact and transact directly without intermediaries, to create value and solve the challenges they are most passionate about.

Digital trust and open data

Digital trust and open data

We enable the development of smarter infrastructure that overcomes inefficiencies by making data accessible where it matters.

Challenges we address

Social Impact - Sustainability and Climate Change

Climate and environment

Climate change and the loss of critical ecosystems are the greatest threats to the long-term survival of humanity. The IOTA Tangle logs tamper-proof environmental data that everyone can trust, enabling evidence-based policy interventions and better natural resource management. The IOTA token can be used as an incentive in circular economies and P2P initiatives to reduce waste.

Human Rights and Economic Empowerment

Human rights and economic empowerment go hand in hand. Wider public participation and economic growth in developing regions can be enabled with access to alternative finance, cross-border payments, and decentralized identity tools. IOTA empowers local communities to participate more fairly in global supply chains, enables small scale farmers to monitor their crops, and helps integrate the unbanked into the global economy.

Social Impact - Human Rights and Economic Empowerment
Social Impact - Citizen-Centric Governance

Citizen-Centric Governance

Governments are increasingly seeking public involvement to create more transparent and inclusive public services. IOTA can enable smarter public services by building open data commons that bring together citizens and government, while protecting the privacy of individuals.

DLT in Protecting Our Rainforests

The Amazon Rainforest is often quoted as the lungs of the earth. It produces twenty percent of the world’s oxygen, while also pulling and storing carbon dioxide. With fires and deforestation plaguing the region, there is a need for immediate action.

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Digital monitoring and verification

IOTA provides a tamper-proof ledger that records key environmental metrics from sensor networks. This improves remote monitoring capabilities such as rapid fire detection or carbon sequestration assessments.

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Minimizing emissions

IOTA's technology empowers local communities that know best how to preserve the most precious part of the planet’s ecosystem, by creating opportunities to earn and sell carbon credits, incentivizing the long-term preservation of our land and natural resources.

Empowering people through the Internet of Things

The emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’ allows everyone to better command their lives and influence the world around them.

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Accelerating low-carbon development

The IOTA Foundation promotes data-driven infrastructure and new business models across industries such as automotive, supply chain management, energy, and smart cities, making them more resource-efficient and accelerating the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable society.

Digital Identities: To enable wider access to public and governmental services

We empower citizens to be the owners of their personal data. We believe that no matter where you're born, you should have the right to an identity and access to public and private services, without being forced to share personal information beyond the minimum amount required.

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Self-sovereign identity

The IOTA Foundation is developing new products to enable self-sovereign identity. Individuals will be able to prove that their information is verified by trusted parties. Data is communicated peer-to-peer without the need for observers, both increasing privacy and trust.


Contributing, together


At IOTA we work to create a better world for humans and the environment – both online and offline. While we realize that the environmental and technical challenges of the 21st century are large and complex, we also know that they cannot be tackled by any one organization alone. That's why we work across the private, public and civic sectors to progress sustainable development and help resolve some of the challenges the UN SDGs are designed to tackle - both today and tomorrow.

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