Our Mission

Our society faces many challenges, including climate change, human rights infringements, and the rise in a global unbanked population.

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A Universal Digital Identity System

To enable wider access to public and governmental services.

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Improved data collection methods

To overcome inefficiencies and drive smarter infrastructure.

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Tamper-Proof Data

To allow real-time analysis of ecological developments and optimise living.

Our approaches to solving today's challenges

Social Impact - Sustainability and Climate Change

Sustainability and Climate Change

Climate change and the loss of critical ecosystems remain the greatest threats to the long-term survival of humanity.

IOTA can be used to generate shared environmental data that everyone can trust, allowing evidence-based policy interventions and improved natural resource management. The IOTA token can be used in circular economy-driven initiatives to incentivize sustainability and reduce waste.

Human Rights and Economic Empowerment

Human rights and economic empowerment are inextricably linked. Access to alternative finance, cross-border payments, and tools for validating identification enable wider public participation and economic growth in underdeveloped regions. IOTA can empower local communities to participate more fairly in global supply chains, enable small scale farmers to monitor their crops, and help integrate the unbanked into the global economy.

Social Impact - Human Rights and Economic Empowerment
Social Impact - Citizen-Centric Governance

Citizen-Centric Governance

Governments are increasingly seeking public involvement to create more transparent and inclusive public services. The IOTA Foundation is working to bring citizen-generated and government-controlled data together into curated data marketplaces, that protect citizens’ privacy and enable smarter public services.

DLT in Protecting our Rainforests

The IOTA Foundation is working on an initiative to protect rainforests. The Amazon Rainforest is often quoted as the lungs of the earth, producing twenty percent of the world’s oxygen, pulling and storing carbon dioxide. With fires and deforestation plaguing the region, there is a need for immediate action.

IOTA provides an innovative and forward-thinking solution. Sensors detect fires and illegal deforestation, and IOTA's tamper-proof ledger is used for the certification of carbon credits.

IOTA technology also empowers local communities that know best how to preserve the most precious part of the planet’s ecosystem, by creating opportunities to earn and sell carbon credits, incentivizing the long-term preservation of the land.

Empowering People through the Internet of Things

The emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’ and associated technologies allow everyone to better command their lives and influence the world around them.

The IOTA Foundation is working to enable data-driven infrastructures and new business models across industries such as automotive, supply chain management, energy, and supporting the development of Smart Cities.

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