IOTA’s Tangle is ideally suited to meet the infrastructure needs of EBSI. As an open, feeless and scalable distributed ledger, IOTA meets all key requirements:



IOTA can support permissioned environments for resources and control data distribution to comply with EU regulations for data sharing.

open source

Open source

The Tangle – IOTA’s DLT – is built on open-source software, allowing organizations to develop services and run applications on a public network.



IOTA is ideally suited to high volume and velocity use cases, and data sharding developed in the EBSI PCP can create dedicated application-based regional or logical clusters.



The Tangle validates data and translation without Proof of Work, using much less energy then traditional blockchains.



As a feeless protocol, and contrary to other blockchains, anyone can afford to use IOTA.

What we’re contributing to EBSI

The IOTA Foundation is participating in EBSI’s pre-commercial procurement (PCP), which pilots new distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions to underpin the evolution of EBSI.

After being selected for Phase 1 of the PCP with six other projects from 35 applicants, and also successfully completing rigorous testing in Phase 2A of the EU blockchain Pre-Commercial Procurement the IOTA Foundation has been selected along with two other projects for the last phase to develop and test at a larger scale a distributed ledger solution for delivering improved European-wide blockchain services.

We are offering our core technology that can be integrated into the EBSI infrastructure, making IOTA’s functionalities available for institutions and actors from across Europe.

To accelerate the development and uptake of IOTA on the EBSI solution, the IOTA Foundation has joined forces with various partners. The partners will help us in overseeing system integration, provisioning of interoperability solutions and the potential exploitation of the associated services. Moreover the IOTA Foundation is working with the partners on the development of different use cases.

EBSI Use Cases

The EBSI infrastructure is well suited for a wide range of use cases, ranging from the digital management of educational credentials to the establishment of trusted digital audit trails and document traceability, SME financing, data sharing among authorities, digital identification and more.

As part of the PCP, the IOTA Foundation is testing the platform with two specific new use cases:


Intellectual property rights management

EU-wide intellectual property rights management in the creative industry helps creatives track the use of their work, transfer intellectual property rights and receive compensation in an automated and trusted way.


Digital Product Passport

Digital product passport for the circular economy, applied to consumer electronics and electric vehicle batteries. The use case addresses policies such as the Sustainable Products Initiative and the “battery passport” proposed in the new Batteries Regulation.

These use cases will build on frameworks such as IOTA Streams for protecting data confidentiality and IOTA Identity for guaranteeing data integrity and access control. In addition, IOTA’s new Digital Assets framework will be leveraged to create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to track ownership of original intellectual work.

IOTA’s DLT for Institutions

Our work with EBSI is part of a commitment to collaborating with public authorities on blockchain-based infrastructure projects around the world. Recent high-profile examples of other projects that we expect to have strong synergies with EBSI include:


Digital MRV

We’re cooperating with the
Canadian government on a project to streamline and digitize measurement, reporting and verification of climate-related data in Chile.



Trade Logistics Information Pipeline (TLIP) is a project with TradeMark East Africa that uses IOTA to exchange trade information across borders and overcome obstacles in supply chains.



EnergieKnip is an incentive scheme created by Dutch-based BlockchainLab Drenthe that rewards local homeowners for sharing data about energy-saving measures.

Get in Touch

If you represent a business and/or a private or public institution and would like to discuss our participation in the EBSI PCP or develop a DLT use case in the government/public authority sphere, please reach out to us.

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