IOTA Integration Services

This page provides information on our projects and the components we are building to facilitate the integration between IOTA and other existing digital infrastructures. We are creating various Integration Services, based on industry standards in order to speed-up integration of third parties tools and solutions with IOTA ledger and frameworks.

Secure Digital Infrastructure - IOTA Integration Services Media
Secure Digital Infrastructure - IOTA Integration Services Media

The Small Print

IOTA offers a layered infrastructure. At its base is the secure, green ledger. The middle layer is composed of several frameworks that use the ledger’s immutability to create new protocols. On the top layer are several integration services that simplify the adoption of industry-specific solutions, leveraging this infrastructure in different vertical sectors.


We are working with e-commerce operators, banks, logistics and research organizations to provide an infrastructure for secure sharing of threat intelligence information and new ways to manage customers data.

Integration services: Audit Trail and SSI Bridge

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Mining Industry

We are working with the mine industry stakeholders to increase the integrity and transparency of environmental sensor data and to increase the safety of workers.

Integration Services: IoT data logger; Tangle to Dashboard connectors

Telco and 5G

With our partners in the TM Forum we are working to increase the agility and accountability of multi-carrier 5G services.

Integrations services: Assets and SLA Audit, Assets and Services Identity

New collaborations

We are also working with partners on projects targeting the "Connected vehicles and people", "Healthcare data and devices", “Construction industry” and "Energy infrastructure".

Secure Digital Infrastructure - new collaborations - media

Contact IOTA

To discuss needs for other integration services, help with integration of existing ones, or access them as managed services please reach out to us. We would love to speed up your solution development by simplifying access to IOTA infrastructure with these and new integration services.