Good technology requires good governance

IOTA is committed to working together with regulators and policy makers to ensure good governance.

Technology can change the world for the better, but only if people of good will work together to make sure it’s designed and deployed in ways that protect and benefit everyone.

That’s why IOTA chose to entrust the stewardship of its distributed ledger technology to a non-profit foundation. We explicitly chose to incorporate the foundation in Germany – within the heart of the European Union – because we share the EU’s fundamental commitments to good governance, the rule of law, and human prosperity.

IOTA’s engagement with policymakers and regulators

Only through active engagement with policymakers and regulators will DLTs have a lasting impact

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IOTA’s Public Regulatory Affairs team provides expert briefings, educational workshops, and comments and reports to lawmaking, regulatory, and policymaking bodies around the world. We work with leading innovators and advocacy groups across the DLT and IoT spaces to contribute to the development of principled, effective, and innovation-friendly public policy frameworks that protect important public interests. We take this responsibility seriously.

Get in touch with our regulatory affairs team to learn more and to find out how we can partner together in fostering sensible legal and policy approaches to global peer-to-peer innovation ecosystems.

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