Board of Directors

Our Governing Board functions to steer the strategic vision of the IOTA Foundation, its research interests and its development focus.

David Sønstebø

Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors & Founder

David is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for any kind of technology that can push human progress forward.

Dominik Schiener

Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors & Founder

Dominik is an entrepreneur from Italy, with a passion to drive change in society and business.

Professor Serguei Popov

Member Board of Directors & Founder

Professor of Mathematics with focus in Probability Theory. Also a mountain climber, chess enthusiast and heavy metal lover.

Supervisory Board

Our Supervisory Board guides and oversees the performance of the Governing Board, providing expert insights and proper external oversight.

Dr. Richard Soley

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OMG

Dr. Richard Mark Soley is Chairman and CEO of OMG, Executive Director of the Cloud Standards Customer Council, and Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium.

Executive Team

The executive leadership team within the IOTA Foundation.

Dr. Moody Alam

Director of Research

Moody is a scientist with a stellar track record of leading research teams. His expertise lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence and decentralised systems.

Daniela Faustino

Director of Human Resources

Daniela is a passionate int'l business executive with a focus on building teams & organizational capacity. She is driven to deliver business success & developing human potential.

Lewis Freiberg

Director of Ecosystem

Lewis has worked in the commercial software industry for the last 8 years. He has been in the DLT space since 2013 and believes in the transformative nature of the technology

Edward Greve

Director of Engineering

Edward is an avid software developer, technology enthusiast, teacher and polyglot. He connects mathematics, computer science, and business needs together.

Cara Harbor

Director of Communications

Cara has been in the communications field for 20 years, primarily directing PR and Marketing for the tech giants of Silicon Valley. She excels in strategic plan development.

Holger Köther

Director of Partnerships

Holger has driven projects & IT services at multinational corporates over the last 15 years. At the IF he manages the interfaces between the foundation, partners and integrators.

Jens Munch Lund-Nielsen

Head of Global Trade & Supply Chains

Jens worked 9 years at Maersk in various roles in sustainability, strategy and building new business ventures. Jens brings a vast network with international trade organisations.

Dr. Julie Maupin

Director of Social Impact & Public Regulatory Affairs

Julie is a world-leading expert on the regulatory implications and public sector use cases of DLTs, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, artificial intelligence and IoT technologies.

Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda

Director of Business Development

Will is a senior strategist, business model innovator & business development manager. He brings international experience from startups and incumbents across various industries.

Dr. Navin Ramachandran

e-Health Stream Lead

Practicing doctor, researcher, eHealth specialist. Honorary senior lecturer UCL CHIME, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies. Advisor to UK All Party Parliamentary Group on DLT.

Our Team

The engineers, researchers, industry experts, and other professionals working every day on the development and adoption of the IOTA protocol for the machine economy and the IoT industry.

Aaron Alsop

Product Owner

Aaron values creativity and innovation to answer tomorrow's opportunities. Product Owner with IOTA | Startup Co-Founder | MBA from Royal Roads | Father of Twins | Hot Rod Builder.

Andrew Brough

Senior UX/UI Designer

A seasoned professional with over a decade of agency experience, Andrew is lead UX/UI designer for the Trinity Wallet and IOTA ecosystem projects.

Dr. Darcy Camargo

Research Mathematician

Darcy is a Ph.D. in stochastic processes. His field of research includes a lot of random walk and graph related processes.

Dr. Angelo Capossele

Senior Research Scientist

Angelo, PhD, is a security researcher with years of experience in both academia and industry. He believes that curiosity and creativity lead to innovation.

Jakub Cech

Product Owner

Jakub is a product manager and software engineer with passion for learning algorithms. Usually the one to ask 'why'.

Dyrell Chapman

Software Engineer

Dyrell is a self taught programmer and co-founder of Geometric Energy Corporation with a passion for cutting edge technology and humanities social development.

陳志誠 (Sam Chen)

Senior Software Engineer

Embedded system developer, doer, and father.

Dave de Fijter

Developer Advocate

Dave is an experienced developer and technology enthusiast. When he's not developing or with his family you will most likely find him in the IOTA Discord server.

Mariana de la Roche Wills

Social Impact Project Manager

Mariana is a Colombian human rights lawyer and entrepreneur. She has been working as a project manager for different NGOs and social businesses worldwide.

Dr. Vassil Dimitrov

Senior Research Scientist

Vassil Dimitrov is a Full Professor at the Department of Computer Eng, Univ. of Calgary. Research interests include encryption algorithms, discrete mathematics and related topics.

Paul Douglas

Senior Software Engineer

Electrical engineer, Core Developer, karate, 3D printing, and optics enthusiast.

Chris Dukakis

Software Engineer

Chris is a programmer interested in permissionless and emerging tech. Mostly writes in JavaScript and likes concise code.

Paulo Finardi

Research Scientist

Paulo is a C.S. PhD student at the Univ. of Campinas focusing on cryptographic digital signatures. He holds a M.Sc. Applied Mathematics on numerical analysis.

Casper Eicke Frederiksen

Media Producer

Communicating the vision and real life implementations of this revolutionary technology to the IOTA Community and beyond.

Corey Glick

Senior Advisor

Corey is a senior strategist, combining multidisciplinary thinking with tech development. He brings int'l experience across business lifecycles, industries, and geographies.

Sabri Goldberg

Creative Director

Sabri is a well-known passionated graphic designer / illustrator in the altcoin scene, who has been interested in cryptocurrency since the early days.

Rihards Gravis

Software Engineer

Application developer with a passion for detail.

Andrew Greve

Social Science Researcher

Andrew is a Political Science PhD candidate with a passion for technology and policy.

Eric Hop

Senior Product Owner

There are no problems, only solutions.

Bartosz Kuśmierz

Research Scientist

Bartosz is currently pursuing a PhD in physics on the topic of symmetric polynomials theory in the fractional quantum Hall effect at Wrocław Univ. of Science and Technology.

Felix Krupar

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Felix is a lawyer admitted to the German bar and is an expert on regulation of Blockchain and DLTs, artificial intelligence as well as privacy.

Giorgio E. Mandolfo

SysOps Engineer

Systems Engineer, Linux enthusiast for way too long; I feel at ease with a bash terminal. Actually, give me ten of those.

Thibault Martinez

Software Engineer

French software engineer enjoying the remote life to the fullest. Always down for some intellectual challenges or passionate discussions.

Emmanuel Merali

Staff Software Engineer

Passionate technophile and long time believer in the IoT vision.

Luca Moser

Software Engineer

Luca is a self-taught full-stack software engineer and electronic music producer who likes to work on bleeding edge technologies in the realm of DLTs.

Dr. Michele Nati

Lead Tech Analyst

Michele, PhD, is a technologist with many years of research and innovation experience in the field of IoT and Trust. He's passionate about DLTs and data-driven innovation.

S. D. Nelson

Technical writer

Excited about explaining and demonstrating IOTA technology.

Mark Nixon

Head of Smart Cities

Mark is a TMT Strategy consultant interested in all things digital, delivering IOTA Projects in areas such as the Digital Service Provider, Smart Cities and Start up ecosystem.

Jan Pauseback

Technical Analyst

Studied Business & Information Technology and Software Engineering. Worked mostly in startups and innovation departments in the mobility/automotive sector: mytaxi, Volvo, Daimler.

Dr. Andreas Penzkofer

Research Scientist

Andreas is a Physicist with a PhD in Electrical Engineering. His research expertise lies with untangling complex problems through numerical and analytical methods.

Samuel Reid

Head of Space

Sam is a mathematician, inventor, and business executive who is CEO of Geometric Energy Corporation and has had extensive academic involvement with the Univ. of Calgary.

Gal Rogozinski

Software Engineer

Programmer, cyclist, swimmer, and kung fu enthusiastic.

Olivia Saa

Research Mathematician

Olivia is a PhD student at Univ. of São Paulo studying Dynamical Systems and Game Theory. She holds a M.Sc.Eng. and degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics.

Tsvi Sabo

Software Engineer

I like when technology serves progress, with interests in cryptography, math, frisbee and hummus.

Sadjy Sadjan

SysOps Engineer

Networks and Systems Engineer. Infosec passionate.

Umair Sarfraz

Software Engineer

Programmer with a deep interest in software design and architecture, cloud security and distributed systems. Basketball fanatic.

Mark Schmidt

Ecosystem Development Fund Manager

Mark is a DLT enthusiast and entrepreneur located in Germany. As Ecosystem Development Fund Manager he will facilitate the ecosystem's growth around the globe.

Dany Shaanan

Research Scientist

Dany is a mathematician, a self-taught software developer, and an avid gardener and handcrafter.

Julia Schulz

Assistant to the Board

Admin, communications and technology enthusiast.

Anne Smith

Head of Mobility and Automotive

Anne has been in the IPSecurity, quality, and educational fields for 20+ years with international experience managing the development of enterprise and consumer products.

Alexey Sobolev

Frontend Developer

Front-end developer, work on web and mobile applications by integrating various modern technologies and frameworks such as React, Node, and WebAssembly.

Lukas Tassanyi

Software Engineer

German student of computer science. Also known as MicroHash for his community contributions such as Qubic Lite.

Marwen Trabelsi

Software Engineer

Building PoC and helping partners to build products using IOTA.

Brord van Wierst

Software Engineer

Programmer interested in making things that people need. Will go to great lengths not to perform any duplicate tasks. Passion for card board games.

Charlie Varley

Software Engineer

Programmer with a background in Psychology and Philosophy. UX enthusiast, LFC supporter and techno head. Charlie is lead developer of the Trinity wallet.

Dr. Luigi Vigneri

Senior Research Scientist

Luigi holds a PhD in Computer Science. His background combines both theoretical (network modelling, convex optimization) and programming skills.

Andrea Villa

Senior Research Engineer & Security Specialist

Andrea is a self-taught and passionate tinkerer and computer hacker, give him a challenge and you will keep him awake all night.

Dr. Wolfgang Welz

Senior Research Engineer

Computer scientist, math PhD focusing on graph algorithms and optimization in research and software development. With a passion for efficient algorithms.

Mathew Yarger

Head of Smart Cities

Mat is a US Army Combat Veteran, DoD certified Cyber Security Expert, Expert Generalist and dedicated father and husband.


The outside experts in industry and academia supporting the IOTA project.

Harm van den Brink

Energy & E-mobility Advisor

Harm is an entrepreneur and always looking for practical and useful implementations of new and disruptive ideas. His focus is on EV infrastructure and the energy domain.

Regine H. Helmer

Digital Transformation & Business Development Advisor

Regine is Founder and CEO of Seedlab, a digital transformation and business development consulting firm. She is also a lecturer at HWZ Univ in Zurich, a keynote speaker and author.

Dr. Anes Hodžić

Digital Transformation and Internet of Things Advisor

Anes is VP Digital Transformation and IoT at Digital Transformation Office of Airbus Group. He holds a doctoral degree in Electrical Eng./Telecom from the Technical Univ. Berlin.

Dr. Hongquan Jiang

Technology Industry Advisor

Hongquan is a partner at Robert Bosch Venture Capital and is a “deep tech” investor with multiple successful investments in IoT, AI, augmented reality and automotive technologies.

Koen Maris

Cyber Security Advisor

Koen is a passionate information/cyber security specialist who serves as a trusted advisor for many organizations and is known for questioning current applied security models.

Madjid Nakhjiri

Public Key Infrastructure Advisor

Madjid is an expert in public key infrastructure and has spent years in the area of device and user authentication and related key management schemes.

Michael Nilles

Smart Cities & Infrastructure Advisor

Michael Nilles is executive member of the Board of Directors and Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for Schindler. Michael also serves on the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Alexander Renz

Smart Mobility & Transportation Advisor

New Mobility Enthusiast, Startup Aficionado and Managing Partner at New Mobility Consulting.

Jochen Renz

Smart Mobility & Transportation Advisor

Electronics Engineer who after a 20-year corporate IT career Co-Founded New Mobility Consulting & New Mobility World with my brother Alex. Simply put, cars and IT are in our blood.

Dr. Klaus Schaaf

Smart Mobility Advisor

Klaus holds a diploma degree and a PhD in Physics from Göttingen University and has been with Volkswagen AG for 30 years, mostly in research areas and promoting edge technologies.

Professor Joachim Taiber

Smart Mobility Advisor

Chief Technology Officer of the International Transportation Innovation Center and Adjunct professor at the Clemson Univ. International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR).