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Make Data useful

Today, we produce more digital data than ever. The onset of the Internet of Things will increase the amount of data by 79.4 zettabytes by 2025 and accelerate its growth.


  • How can we organize this data?

  • How can we share it across systems and industries?

  • How can we use it to reduce costs, increase efficiency and unlock an estimated $11.1 trillion economic value?

IOTA Streams

IOTA Benefits

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Integrity and Authenticity

The data underpinning Streams is stored on the Tangle to guarantee data integrity at all times.

Organization analysis

Organization and Analysis

Streams organizes the data from your devices into streams and combines them with complimentary data points across systems.

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Access and Payment

Streams enable users to control the ownership of data and receive payments.

How does IOTA Streams work?

Streams - Streams media


All branches of a Stream reference a common root branch and state associated with the original publisher, thus guaranteeing data authenticity.

The Tangle

Data is transferred and secured over an immutable distributed ledger, the Tangle.

Streams - The Tangle media
Streams - Publisher media


Publishers can send non-encrypted, open, data in a Stream for everyone to see. Publishers can also restrict access to their data or make it completely private using public key encryption.


Subscribe to different Streams and pull information from the Tangle to integrate into applications and guide your decision making.

Subscribers can also contribute data to a Stream using various types of cross referencing messages.

Streams - Subscriber media

Controlled data sharing

IOTA Streams enables infinite use cases for the benefit of individuals, businesses and society.

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Innovate with IOTA Streams

Build new decentralized business models

IOTA Streams is currently close to production-ready. The upcoming changes with Chrysalis Phase 2 are factored into its roadmap and will bring it to the next level. IOTA invites developers, corporations and the broader community to look into the extensive documentation, experiment with the repositories, and imagine exciting new use cases using the IOTA Streams Framework.

We also welcome everyone to give feedback, and request additional features for use cases that aren’t possible in the current framework.

Anyone can contribute!

Visit IOTA Discord and exchange ideas around your unique use case in the #streams-discussion channel.