Welcome to the Machine Economy

As the Digital and Physical merge together in the Internet-of-Things, co-creation unleashes the next wave of value creation

A wind farm spread across snowy mountains

As data starts flowing across silos, an unprecedented 'smart' transformation of industries and society will occur, unleashing the next wave of innovation and value creation.

Data is the new oil

Sharing and trading data is already becoming a mutually beneficial exercise which boosts innovation for organisations from public and private sectors and creates entirely new revenue streams of data for Business. Catalysed by new disruptive technologies, a Machine-to-Machine economy is taking shape for the benefits of our societies citizens. In the near future, everything will be smart, autonomous and connected . But this is only half the story: without data integrity, immutable records of events, and authenticated and known actors there will be no trust and such ecosystems and business models will default.

Several key obstacles needed to be addressed to enable organisations to innovate in this new Machine-to-Machine economy: Obstacles

  • Trust in the Data: As stakeholders exchange and rely on one another's data, veracity, security and privacy must be ensured.
  • Seamless M2M Transactions: Real time value transfer must have negligible fees to allow micro-payments.
  • Smart business models: Businesses must act as collaborative ecosystems to redefine IoT-enabled business models of mutual benefit to beneficial to society.

IOTA shapes a standard protocol for and with Industry.

The backbone of the Internet-of-Things and the Machine economy

A power substation with transformers in view

The IOTA Foundation develops a standard for and with the industry. Joint Reference case are a key instrument to make this happen.

The IOTA Foundation shapes a standard protocol for and together with the industry. In order to catalyse this development, IOTA cooperates with corporations and public institutions to run proof of concepts and pilots to test and accelerate IOTA's technology road map towards production-ready stage. Organisations within the IOTA ecosystem benefit from shaping a standard that fits their industry and explore on-the-go business models.

IOTA engages with a short list of proactive organisations to deliver the following

Co-development of Reference Use Cases

Blueprint In collaboration with industry champions, IOTA drives the joint development, piloting and showcasing of use cases with purpose to build:

  • Reference use cases
  • Blue print processes
  • Knowledge transfer

Co-creation ecosystems & launchpads

Event hackathon Catalysts and decision makers from different industries and public/private sectors shape together:

  • Consortia & Alliances
  • Corporate-backed Hackathons
  • Digital sandboxes & Smart prototyping Labs
  • Smart test bed facilities

Thought Leadership & Expert Arenas

Conference IOTA facilitate a community of thought leaders and experts to drive the "smart" transformation

  • Newsletter & Blog posts
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Events & Seminars

Start your IOTA journey now

If your organisation wants to join, please contact us. We believe in bringing a diverse set of representatives together to create the new shared ecosystems:

  • Large & Medium size enterprises
  • IT Integrator and service providers
  • Management consulting firms
  • Startups
  • Public sector
  • Not for Profit Institution/Alliance
  • Others

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