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IOTA & IOTA Foundation logo use policy

The IOTA project has two main logos: the IOTA logo and the IOTA Foundation logo. Both sets of logos are trademarked. However, they are subject to different licensing schemes and separate usage policies:

IOTA Foundation
IOTA Foundation Logo
Restricted Use
Logo Files
Powered by IOTA IOTA logo
Powered by IOTA IOTA Logo
CC BY-SA 4.0 license CC BY-SA 4.0 license
Logo Files Logo Files

Persons or entities wishing to use either logo should carefully read and comply with the information below.

The IOTA logo symbolizes the IOTA Tangle and its associated suite of open-source distributed ledger and machine-to-machine technologies. This logo is permissively and non-exclusively licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license. The full legal text of the license should be consulted here.

Parties interested in using the IOTA logo should:

  • consult and adhere to the full terms and conditions listed on the CC BY-SA 4.0 website, as updated from time to time; and
  • follow the IOTA logo style guide instructions, as updated here from time to time; and
  • make it clear that the Party using the logo has no affiliation with the IOTA Foundation and that the use of the logo does not constitute an endorsement by the IOTA Foundation.

As an overview, three main categories of IOTA logo usage are permitted under this Creative Commons license:

  1. Non-commercial / not-for-profit uses:

    Developers, community projects, partner organizations, etc. may make use of the IOTA logo provided they do so on a non-commercial / not-for-profit basis. Some examples of permitted usages might include:

  • Printing IOTA t-shirts, hats, or other “swag” items to be given away for free or sold to friends and family members on a cost-recovery only basis.

  • Creating an IOTA fan page on a social media outlet for purposes of educating IOTA users or potential users, stimulating developer or researcher discussions, and/or generally raising awareness about IOTA.

  • Designing and distributing marketing materials to advertise IOTA meet-ups, hackathons, conferences, developer workshops or other similar events organized on a not-for-profit basis.

    The above examples are only meant to be illustrative and not exhaustive.

  1. “IOTA identifier” uses by journalists, analysts, exchanges, & others:

    Projects and publications may use the IOTA logo to identify IOTA and distinguish it from other technologies in situations where multiple different technologies (for example, IOTA, BTC, ETH, etc) are presented together and there is a need to distinguish one from the other. Examples might include:

  • press articles, social media posts, or technical reports that discuss multiple projects;
  • cryptocurrency exchanges and other entities whose activities involve commercial or non-commercial offerings of both IOTA-related and non-IOTA-related products and services.
  1. “Powered by IOTA” uses:

    Projects that draw from, interface with, or otherwise make use of the IOTA Tangle and/or another IOTA technology may use the IOTA logo to indicate that their app / dapp / PoC / project / etc. is “powered by IOTA”. Note that displaying a “powered by IOTA” logo allows you to make use of the IOTA logo in both commercial (for-profit) and non-commercial (non-profit) projects while also complying with the CC BY-SA 4.0 license requirement that your use of the logo does not in any way suggest that the licensor endorses you or your project.

    These examples are also intended to be illustrative rather than exhaustive. Once again, all “identifier” uses of the IOTA logo must always comply with the CC BY-SA 4.0 license requirement that your use of the logo does not in any way suggest that the licensor endorses you or your project.

The IOTA Foundation logo is associated with the Berlin-incorporated, non-profit foundation that stewards the development and standardization of core IOTA technologies. This logo is trademarked and its use is restricted to the IOTA Foundation and official partners to whom the IOTA Foundation grants its explicit written consent on a per-use basis. No other uses of the IOTA Foundation logo are permitted.

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