IOTA Access allows you to:

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Grant and revoke access at any time

Time Saving

Specify conditional access restrictions

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Charge users for access and extra functions

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Easily integrate into existing apps via APIs

Secure, Convenient, Decentralized

Monetize any device, from anywhere, at any time

With IOTA Access every device offering a service can now use pay-per-use methods for monetization and security - at scale and from the edge.

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IOTA Access increases convenience for users and owners,​ while taking advantage of the
security and performance decentralization offers. IOTA Access enables granular control over
smart devices, without relying on third party services.

IOTA Access works for anything from small tasks to large facilities, only allowing access after
specific conditions are met. It can also control entire buildings, granting access to employees
or tenants based on time of day, employee ID, or clearance level.

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The framework is designed to be lightweight, secure and highly flexible. It is tailored for low
resource settings, such as embedded devices and the smart infrastructure in which they are
used. ​ And because it runs on the IOTA Tangle, there are no transaction fees for using it.

How Does IOTA Access Work?

Access Policies

A Technical Breakdown - IOTA Access encodes the logic for access control into defined policies. These policies contain the rules that determine what actions a user can perform.

Example Case - A father wants to lend his car to his daughter.

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(object == vehicle)
(subject = vehicle.owner.daughter)
(action == d)
(0900 ≤ localTime) && (localTime ≥ 2000)


Decentralized Device Management

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Remote Car Rental

P2P Mobility as a Service

Alice owns a car that she wants to rent out whenever she is not using it. However, she isn’t always home to hand over the key, and doesn’t want to sign up for a paid service because she is unsure how often she’ll rent it out.

With IOTA Access Bob can P2P rent Alice’s car whenever it’s convenient for him. Alice does not have to wait around to hand Bob the keys, so Bob can decide he needs the car at the last moment. Alice also does not have to pay a central service provider, which makes it easier to occasionally rent out her car. Once the Access Policies are set, they are transferred to the car’s hardware via the Tangle. This way, there is no constant connection consuming bandwidth all the time.

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Agile Office Policy

Decentralized access control

Alice’s company is in a building with smart locks. She wants to enjoy the convenience of handling access to the building and its devices remotely, without an expensive third party subscription. She also doesn’t want to keep track of RFID key fobs or other hardware that will get lost or stolen eventually.

With IOTA Access Alice digitally manages access to the office herself, even when she is not present in the building. Whenever a new employee, maintenance worker, or parcel deliverer is planned to come to the office, Alice selects a Policy in the Access app that lets them enter parts of the building under specific conditions, such as time, ID or clearance level.

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Wi-Fi Without the Worry

Pay per use services at scale

Alice runs a coffee shop and wants to provide Wi-Fi to her customers. What she doesn’t want is the cost and misuse from giving unrestricted access. But she also doesn’t want to hurt sales by offering an expensive, rigid subscription model from a telecom company.

IOTA Access allows Alice to easily monetize her Wi-Fi, with no need for a subscription service. On her router she installs a predefined Access Policy, like pay-per-minute or pay-per-megabyte. She also has the option to reward shop purchases with some free access. The dashboard gives her an overview of usage and revenue, and allows her to monitor fair use policy in a GDPR compliant way. That way she can decide to switch between payment models if needed.

Innovate with IOTA Access

Build new decentralized business models

IOTA Access is currently close to production-ready. The upcoming changes with Chrysalis Phase 2 are factored into its roadmap and will bring it to the next level. IOTA invites developers, corporations and the broader community to look into the extensive documentation, experiment with the repositories, and imagine exciting new use cases using the IOTA Access Framework.

We also welcome everyone to give feedback, and request additional features for use cases that aren’t possible in the current framework.

Anyone can contribute!

Visit IOTA Discord and exchange ideas around your unique use case in the #access channel.

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